Tools You Can Use

Over the years, there have been a few tools we seem to share over and over with our customers. These are mostly things that help us with getting your project completed on time and correctly. If you need a little help with using any of these tools, please let us know!
Most email providers limit the amount of data you can send via attachments. Dropbox has a simple solution for you. They allow you to create shared folders (or join other people's) that you can use to get all those giant files to the people that need them.
While there are tons of sites out there that will serve you up free fonts that you can install on your computer... this one is our favorite. They have an enormous selection, several ways to narrow your search, and they keep most of the typical ad-clutter tucked away in a side bar. No sign-up required at dofont and even better... it's free!
  Color Chart
A handy chart with all of the hex codes for specific color choices. (When saying "light blue" just isn't enough.) Grab a notepad and jot down your favorites.
  Image Color Picker
A straightforward website that allows you to view any picture from the web, or upload your own, and then use a set of crosshairs to pick a specific spot on the image. It returns the information on that particular pixel's color. Neat! There are a few ads on the page, but they are fairly unobtrusive ones, and we love that it's free!
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